Similar to Germany as the best country to study medicine, United States of America is the best place to study pilot, since it has feasible infrastructure for conducting the training, the most modern and high-performance fleets, credible instructors, ideal training environment for student, and short school duration.

Moreover, study abroad will certainly make the student become more self-reliant. Study in USA will improve their English proficiency. Why English become so important? The answer is because English is the mandated international language of aviation. Hence, airlines include English proficiency as a part of the pilot recruitment test.

At this moment Winstar Aviation provided fixed wing aircraft pilot course program for Indonesia student. consists of :

  • Private Pilot License (80 hours)
  • Instrument Rating (27+13 hours simulator session)
  • Commercial Pilot License Single Engine (105 hours)
  • Commercial Pilot License Multi Engine (18 hours)
  • Piper Tomahawk for private pilot license
  • Piper Archer for instrument rating and CPL-Single Engine
  • Piper Seminole for CPL Multi Engine
  • Apartment for 12 months, consists of 2 bedroom (each bedroom shared for 2 students)
  • A shuttle bus provided for the students, runs 4 times a day between school and apartment
  • Flight ticket for student departure to USA and flight ticket for the student return to Indonesia after they graduate.
  • License endorsement from FAA to ICAO (in Indonesia)
  • Student kit (uniform, books, rotating plotter, e6-b flight computer, pilot log book)
  • Winstar Aviation managed by professional pilots
  • The presence of professional pilot in pilot school management become an advantage itself, since they certainly understand the aviation field, so that they are capable to handle any issue faced by the students during the training.

  • Winstar Aviation provides full package pilot course program including: private pilot license, Instrument Rating, CPL-Single Engine, CPL-Multi Engine.
  • Why multi engine? Because most of reputable airlines in both Indonesia and worldwide use multi engine aircraft. Hence, the airlines will be more interested to the cadet pilot who already holds the multi-engine license. Even many airlines demand multi engine license as one of the requirements for their pilot recruitment program.

  • 243 flight hours.
  • Winstar Aviation pilot program consists of 243 flight hours for PPL, IR, CPL-SE, and CPL-ME. Why flight hours are important? Because many reputable airlines set 200 flight hours as the minimum requirement for their pilot recruitment program.

  • Winstar Aviation’s graduates hold two licenses at once: FAA license & ICAO license.
  • Having two licences at once will bring positive impact for the career path, in both domestic and worldwide. After graduate, Winstar Aviation students will get FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) license, then go back to Indonesia taking endorsement program to get the domestic license called ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) license, so that they can work in Indonesia. After flying about approximately 1.000 hours in Indonesia, they can apply for working at international airline, because they already hold the FAA license. Meanwhile, the student from flying school in Indonesia will get ICAO license only.

  • 12 months of school duration
  • The school duration in Winstar Aviation is 12 months approximately, meanwhile in Indonesia or others can take about 2-4 years. Why? Because our partner, Mazzei Flying Service, provides more than 25 training aircrafts with ratio 1 aircraft : 1 instructor : 5 students, so there is no queue line for student to use the aircraft, thus they can graduate on time.

  • Similar price to another pilot school in Indonesia .
  • Winstar Aviation tuition fee is more or less the same as another flying school in Indonesia.